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  My job? Look at the big picture and pull all the details into place. I love helping clients create the experience and realize the vision.

Elaine Gleason

Interior Designer

Cleveland, Ohio

With over 30 years of experience in architecture and interior design, Elaine has become a curator of the interior experience. She focuses on the parts of a building that you can touch and see and more importantly, what you sense. From the moment you walk through the doors, the human experience has been orchestrated to deliver enhanced, functional spaces and reveal the humanity of the building environment.

Using her knowledge of building systems, constructability, cost management, and material performance, Elaine has designed programs to improve academic, healthcare, residential, and corporate facilities. Recently, her work on the interiors for a 300,000 square foot construction project for Yale’s new Science Building in New Haven, Connecticut, provided her the opportunity to pursue a technically challenging program that includes an innovative, collaborative workspace, a 500-seat Lecture Hall, and a grand shared public space.

With an extended re-mix family including five “kids” aged 18 to 28, a few kids-in-law, a grandbaby, and plenty of pets, Elaine’s life outside of work keeps her just as busy as her work in the office.

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