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  I help save lives one mile at a time. Whether you walk, bike or drive, the roads I design help you get across town safely and efficiently.

Mitchell Greenway

Engineer, Transportation

Macon, Georgia

Mitchell takes a multifaceted approach to solving local transportation problems. He applies his engineering and business acumen to develop solutions that are technically sound and economically appropriate. The result is projects that enable people to travel safely—to the office, a daycare center or home—while saving time and fuel costs. Besides considering safety and efficiency, Mitchell carefully considers context and strives to make his designs memorable, not only for what they add, but also for what they take away. The Mercer University Gateway project is a perfect example because the new gateway is the first and last thing people will remember about their visit to campus. Additionally, his work on US 441 means people visiting the north Georgia mountains will remember the cool air and the beautiful scenery instead of bumper-to-bumper traffic.


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