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  Innovating isn’t just about generating creative ideas—it’s also about turning those creative ideas into business solutions.

Brian Guthrie

Vice President, Practice Services & Innovation

Ottawa, Ontario

A mentor of Brian’s once said “all great ideas quickly turn into hard work.” Brian delights in both parts of that idiom—promoting creativity but also organizing the business processes required to actualize creative ideas. He’s a professional engineer, a business strategist, an experienced facilitator, and the managing lead of our Practice Services team. He has 35 years of consulting and project management experience in power, energy, building system design, and sustainability studies.

In his role as VP of practice services, Brian is leading our evolution to become a learning organization. He believes that our talents, both collective and individual, lead directly to our growth. He’s the creator and prime facilitator of our PM Boot Camp training: a program that helps to expand the toolset of our project managers. Brian has run boot camps from Santa Barbara, CA, to Dubai, UAE, and dozens of Stantec offices in between. The Stantec endeavor closest to his heart, however, is our new Creativity and Innovation (C&I) program.

The intention of the C&I program is twofold: to celebrate our creative work and to encourage innovative thinking as a key factor in the value we bring to our projects, clients, and communities. The goals? Promoting new ideas in our day-to-day work, taking research to market, and making creativity a cornerstone of our growth.

In this type of work, endurance is important. Changes and hurdles come quickly, and Brian cites his love of fitness as a way to maintain the mental and physical endurance required in consulting. As one of his peers once said over lunch: “Oh no, Guthrie’s gone for a run. He’s going to come back with some innovative new idea that we’ll have to act on!”

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