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  There is enormous reward in helping clients understand how and why they are impacted by Earth processes, and more importantly, in finding the correct solutions.

Rick Guthrie

Senior Principal

Calgary, Alberta

Landslides. Erosion. Floods. Scour. The Earth surface on which we live, build, and develop is constantly changing. At times, these changes are merely inconvenient—at other times, disastrous. Understanding the difference and providing expert solutions is where Rick comes in. He brings over 20 years of experience in geotechnical analysis and expert advice, having gained some impressive industry recognition along the way.

Rick believes that the best designs combine engineering know-how with an understanding of today’s physical environment and the environment of tomorrow. He leads a team of specialists who bring that expertise to roads, pipelines, power projects, mines, critical facilities, parks, and urban settings, making the communities we serve stronger.

His training and background have taken him around the world, from the high mountains of Russia to the islands of the Philippines, from small landslides in Alberta’s river valleys to Canada’s biggest historical landslide (in BC).

Rick specializes in the assessment of cause and impact of geomorphic and physical systems such as slopes, shorelines, and rivers, in landslide hazard and risk, run out and mobility, the effects of climate change and hydrologic changes, and the impacts to and from development.

From project planning and designing the best route to analysis of cause and meaningful solutions, Rick and his team provide a deep understanding about our interaction with the physical world and increase the resilience and success of our clients, our projects, and our communities.

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