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  It is important to understand the different needs between traveling by car, bus, bike, and foot when designing transportation systems.

Brian Hagerty

Project Manager

Columbus, Ohio

Brian, an avid biker, has focused his nearly 20 years of engineering experience on transportation projects.  Experience with the impacts of roadway facilities on adjacent land uses non-vehicular modes has led Brian to focus his efforts on studying and designing facilities for people and not just for the automobile.  Recently, he has focused his work on improving the pedestrian and bicycle facilities within roadway corridors as well as coordination with local planning agencies to develop a more holistic approach to transportation planning and design. 

One of Brian’s favorite projects has been the Britton Parkway extension.  This roadway project required coordination with a number of agencies, a fast-tract schedule, and the challenge of incorporating a number of elements including roundabouts, a new bridge, and pedestrian paths.  It was very gratifying to see this important piece of infrastructure enhancing the Hilliard community.


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