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  At the confluence of science, new technologies and project implementation, we are helping clients produce medications to maintain and improve the health of our communities.

Michael Harris


Albany, New York

Artificial organs. Prosthetics. Chemical reactions. These are the interests that attracted Mike to the chemical engineering profession two decades ago. Educated in chemical engineering with a concentration in biomedical engineering, Mike is privileged to be able to apply his technical knowledge and solve real life problems for the biopharmaceutical industry. By designing facilities and processes where pharmaceuticals are manufactured, Mike has played a critical role in helping our clients deliver life changing drugs to the medical community.  

Mike is all about the process. New ways of creating a product, designing better methods to manufacture products in unique ways, and keeping people safe throughout that process is what motivates him. This industry refreshes periodically as new treatments are discovered and brought to market. The rush for Mike is to manage the constant challenges, dynamic projects, and help clients launch interesting new products. Leveraging significant experience, he recognizes that the industry is trending more towards specialized treatments, smaller batches, smaller markets, and disposable equipment. In fact, Mike collaborates with clients who are now targeting specific diseases and manufacturing customized drug products. 

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