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  There is no opportunity too small for great design.

Laurel Harrison

Senior Principal, Sector Leader, Healthcare (US West)

San Francisco, California

Laurel grew up in hospitals, literally. She comes from a long, proud family line of doctors, nurses, and healthcare practitioners. So for her, creating spaces that support both clinicians and patients is more than satisfying—she’s carrying on a tradition of healing with her own spin, supporting the field in ways that simply weren’t possible for earlier generations.

Her specializations are in healthcare planning, integrated project delivery, and big room concept design. She’s on the edge of healthcare design evolution, and she’s always looking for ways to improve on what we’ve got.

Recently, Laurel was the project director for the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay. The Center blends three facilities under one roof: cancer center, children’s hospital, and women’s hospital. Each facility maintains its own identity while still being connected to the Medical Center community. The UCSF Medical Center is setting new benchmarks for healthcare facilities with 50% less energy and 30% less water than traditional hospitals.

Laurel believes that no matter what your role in a project is, there’s an opportunity to create something beautiful. A Southerner at heart, she’s passionate about home time and cooking. She goes adventuring and exploring with her family, and cherishes coming home to a cozy meal from a family cookbook.


Do you know what flexible design means? Annie Coull and I presented at ASHE PDC 2015 on flexible design solutions using UCSF Mission Bay as a case study.

I showed the Healthcare Facilities Symposium in 2015 how 1,200 designers and builders came together to transform patient care at UCSF Mission Bay.

For more on how we’re considering every step of pediatric design, read “Pediatric facility designs embrace family and fun” by Amy Eagle published by Health Facilities Management.

Check out Modern Healthcare’s take on the collaborative integrated project delivery approach we took on the UCSF Medical Center.

I contribute editorial expertise to the Board of Healthcare Design.

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