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  I value Stantec’s support of non-profit organizations close to my heart: the Canadian Avalanche Foundation and Alpine Club of Canada.

James Heck

Environmental Services

Calgary, Alberta

How would you describe your past five years at Stantec?

Encouraging, adaptable, dynamic, rewarding, and meaningful. I really enjoy the challenges and rewards of working at Stantec. My role has evolved, and I’m now a regional leader in my area of expertise. I’ve been given the opportunity to create and grow a team, thanks to the support and mentorship of my more experienced colleagues. There is always room to grow and improve through the unique opportunities provided by working here.

In addition to career opportunity, are there other positives to Stantec as an employer?

One really positive thing for me is the support the company lends to non-profit organizations. An avid skier, I really value Stantec’s support of the Canadian Avalanche Foundation and the Alpine Club of Canada; both organizations that are close to my heart. I love the outdoor philosophy among my team, and have cycled to work for the past four and a half years. Also, it’s a great culture. Working here, I feel empowered, with the trust of my leaders, and freedom to just do my job. My team is spirited and supportive; all of us understanding we’re here to achieve a common goal.

Everyone talks about work-life balance. Are you happy with yours?

I’m actually really proud of how I’ve balanced work and family life. I can be there for my kids and grow my career, and be successful at both. I can occasionally work remotely if I need to, and as a manager, the same flexible working principles apply to my team. I can also participate in Stantec’s lunchtime yoga classes, and go back to my desk feeling refreshed and recharged. It’s clear that the company understands that balance is important, and employees are supported to do what they need to in order to be the most effective at their jobs.

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