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  When we get together and understand what each of us is saying, we inevitably find common ground and the solutions we need within our grasp.

Randy Irwin

Senior Building Performance Engineer

Vancouver, British Columbia

Improving a building’s performance can be a challenge. With Randy’s help, clients and team members can meet this challenge sustainably.

Randy brings years of consulting experience as a seasoned mechanical engineer to his role. But it’s his skills beyond engineering design that get people’s attention. Using energy analysis and sustainable design elements, he can help clients, consultants, and contractors enhance their building’s performance now and into the future. He also knows the energy impacts of different designs and shares this knowledge with team members so they can make smarter design decisions.

A passionate supporter of sustainable design, Randy loves working with project teams to solve their building performance challenges and has contributed to many successful projects, including one with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Randy enjoys traveling and exploring large cities in his free time and is a member of the Canada Green Building Council’s Experienced Modellers list.

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