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  We work as a unified team to achieve common goals and resolve problems.

Clint Johnson


Calgary, Alberta

Clint wears many hats at Stantec. Sometimes he’s a geomatics technician, sometimes he’s a project or client manager. Most often these days, he’s leading a team and overseeing geomatics work in our Calgary office. His ultimate goal? Achieve a seamless, unified team. Clients often remark on his ability to steer diverse teams to accomplish mutual goals.

Although he takes a pragmatic approach to all the geomatics work that comes through the office, he has a passion for projects that impact the community as a whole. One notable example was the Union Square condo redevelopment project, a large-scale, complex project that, upon completion, achieved the intended forward-thinking vision for the client and the end users.

Clint likes both the detailed aspects of geomatics work and how those details shape the bigger picture. That’s why community development work is so rewarding for him, like his work on the new community of Seton, a mixed-use development which will impact Calgary as a whole.

His advice to people considering a career in geomatics is to have a passion for analysis, a trait which has driven him to pursue excellence in all areas of geomatics.

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