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  Acoustics is bringing together architecture rich with auditory balance enveloped in a sense of volume and intimately present.

Basel Jurdy

Principal, Accoustics

Seattle, Washington

Basel believes that listening to a client’s desired acoustical end results without preconceived solutions in mind is crucial to achieving a design that enhances a space. Asking questions invites the client to reveal more. Listening to answers and finding the best solutions for that unique project brings the client’s vision to life.

With more than 27 years of experience, Basel is a dynamic project leader and a natural mentor. His advice to young acousticians is to listen first. Then, educate the team on the art and science behind acoustics, so it becomes apparent why standard acoustical treatments are not the right solution for every project.

An engineer by schooling, Basel pursued a career in acoustics where he discovered the artist in himself. His activities away from the office reflect his strategic side as an avid tennis player and his artistic side through ballroom dancing. He taps both attributes to create environments that delight project owners and users alike.

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