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  The best technical and economic outcomes can only be achieved when we develop a true spirit of teamwork with our clients. We really are better together.

Suchit Kaila

Senior Associate, Senior Process Engineer

Edmonton, Alberta

From India to Toronto to Edmonton, Suchit’s engineering expertise has shaped vital infrastructure around the world. His body of work is no less diverse: apart from municipal water treatment and pumping systems, he’s designed and managed industrial water treatment projects for breweries, nuclear power plants, sugar factories, automobile industries, beverage bottling, and edible oil extraction facilities.

What unites this range of geography and work is Suchit’s insatiable curiosity, which spurs him to know his projects in ever-expanding detail and scope. He sees challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities for fresh thinking. This lets him see old problems in new ways and suggest creative solutions to strengthen communities and serve clients.

When he’s not designing water treatment facilities or penning articles on environmental engineering, Suchit is usually found in the company of his two young children.

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