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Terry Kalaghan

Principal, Environmental Services

Westchester, Pennsylvania

Terry has 20 years of professional experience in environmental consulting including 17 years in the southwestern United States. She has directed remedial investigation, feasibility studies, and remediation projects for complex sites that involved commingled groundwater plumes of petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbons and contaminated soil. They include the following WQARF and Federal-lead (NPL) Superfund sites: Broadway-Pantano WQARF Site (Tucson, Arizona), East Central Phoenix WQARF Site (Phoenix, AZ), Motorola 56th Street WQARF Site (Phoenix, Arizona), and the Motorola 52nd Street NPL Site (Phoenix, Arizona).

Terry is highly skilled at solving complex environmental issues and offering balanced path-to-closure solutions. Her responsibilities include project/program management and development of cost effective, fast track, and/or innovative methods for sampling and remediation of soil, groundwater, surface water, and subsurface vapors contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and metals.

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