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  I enjoy analyzing and modelling of sophisticated problems in soil mechanics which deals with great uncertainties in contrast to engineered materials such as concrete and steel.

Hamid Karimpour

Geotechnical Engineer

Calgary, Alberta

Hamid is a geotechnical engineer with over 12 years of experience in industry and research. He provides geotechnical consulting services to projects across Canada, and he’s been involved in feasibility studies, geotechnical investigation and design of urban, industrial, and infrastructure projects.

Hamid is currently registered as a professional engineer in Canada and the US, and he’s recently been working on projects such as the Husky LLB Direct Pipeline, the Enbridge Souris River Bank Remediation, and more.

He’s authored several articles on advanced soil constitutive models, time effects in granular material, and numerical modelling of geostructures in peer-reviewed journals and for presentation at conferences. Additionally, he’s proud to have served as a reviewer to reputable geotechnical journals such as the Canadian Geotechnical journal.

Outside of work, Hamid has been playing chess and soccer for over 25 years. He’s competed at both high school and university levels.

There’s nothing like Virginia Beach—especially when it comes to its quartz grain sand

Hamid tested some of that dense sand in his study to learn more about how particles in granular materials react to stress. The results help inform his work as a geotechnical engineer. 

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