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  Many consultants swoop in to a community, work on a project, then leave. Time and again, we show that our promise keeps us rooted in our communities, and our work proves that.

Crystal Kerr

Vice President, Brand Identity, Public Relations and Communications

Edmonton, Alberta

Twelve years ago, Crystal was hired on a one-year contract. Today, she’s the vice president in charge of our brand identity, employee communications, and public relations. You could say that she’s a poster-child for the opportunities at Stantec.

Crystal focuses on bringing our brand to life internally and externally. She oversees our brand identity program including our Company-wide strategies for tradeshows, advertising, content marketing, graphic design, photography, storytelling, print materials, and merchandise.

In her role leading employee communications, Crystal’s goal is simple: to tell Stantec’s story to employees so they understand our purpose, promise, values, and strategy and their role in bringing them to life. Crystal also leads our public relations team which manages our reputation and positions our brand and our people in the market—and that helps us showcase our expertise and win work.

In 2013, Crystal and her team played an integral role in our award-winning brand refresh. “It was a really critical, strategic turning point for our company. It allowed us to clarify our purpose—creating communities—and the promise Stantec makes to the world—to design with community in mind. It revealed what we already knew about ourselves, but helped us articulate it in a meaningful, consistent way.”

For Crystal, the way that our people have embraced the brand is gratifying. Brand elements like our values aren’t just something we put on a mug or a mousepad—they’re a part of our culture that regularly comes up in conversation and guides our decisions; our brand is something that our people have created a personal connection with, and that sets us apart from other consultants.

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