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  I help make it easier to get in and out of the game, so fans can focus on the game itself.

Sumeet Kishnani


Richardson, Texas

When it comes to sporting events, Sumeet knows the fan experience is of utmost importance. Keeping this in mind, he focuses on making sure that travel to and from the game enhances the game day experience by happening seamlessly.

Sumeet has been part of many confidential feasibility studies for sports venues across the country. Through this work he helps lay out the vision for vacant sites and transform them into vibrant centers of activity for tens of thousands of people. From public safety to parking vendors, transit operators, DOTs, and, of course, the fans themselves, Sumeet likes being able to identify best practices and share this vision with multiple stakeholders, developing solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

By applying the principles of respect and care to his work relationships, Sumeet has gained the trust of his clients, who turn to Sumeet and Stantec to help improve their operations. Outside of work, you can find Sumeet with his kids, either hiking and biking, or playing sports announcer—providing play-by-play updates for broadcasted sporting events.


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