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  With each and every project, my goal is to create spaces that will benefit the community as a whole.

Kathryn Kitt

Landscape Architect

Lethridge, Alberta

To Kathryn, the project process shouldn’t end just after creating a paper plan. She strives to create lasting projects which will serve the community long after completion. She believes in the importance of making real connections with her clients, learning about their goals and the key part they play in the community. In that way, Kathryn can assemble the pieces of a community, creating spaces that have truly been designed for the people who use it.

Kathryn showcases a wide array of experience in municipal parks, trail planning, residential and commercial developments, park design and construction, active play areas and public consultation. Most recently, she was the lead for the award winning Lethbridge Family Services (LFS) Garden for Growth. Not only did Kathryn partner with LFS to create a space that will enhance the work that they do for Lethbridge, but because of her experience in construction she was also instrumental in building the new garden, gathering the people of Stantec, and the community beyond, to roll up their sleeves and build the space from the ground up. Stantec donated the design to LFS.

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