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  At the heart of all human desire, is the need for relationships. Design is about giving people the opportunity to cultivate relationships in their homes, places of work, and their community.

Andrew Kohr

Senior Associate

Atlanta, Georgia

Andrew enjoys working with local communities and regional commissions. “It is hugely rewarding to work with the folks who coordinate federal laws, local politics, and financial constraints because they truly understand the potential value a new project can bring to the community. It’s amazing to watch how design can help in solving major community issues like poverty, failing schools, and poor access.”

Andrew has over 10 years of experience working on urban design and public infrastructure projects. He is passionate about making communities more walkable and healthier through quality planning and design. His previous projects include urban trail networks, public parks, downtown streetscapes, and small area studies.

Andrew is currently the Chair of Atlanta’s Urban Design Commission, and he has previously taught graduate level classes in historic preservation at Georgia State University and Clemson University. He also practices what he preaches by living in the eclectic Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta. He appreciates this area because of its walkability, historic character, and great local markets and restaurants.  

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