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  I try to bring together my experiences as an engineer, contractor, and consultant to provide our clients a holistic perspective in addressing their complex project delivery challenges.

Soád Kousheshi

Vice President

Chicago, Illinois

As part of the Major Projects Group—a subset of the Project Delivery Office (PDO)—Soád focuses on alternate delivery projects: design-build, integrated project delivery (IPD), and public/private partnerships, as well as jobs with a high risk profile. He’s also the PDO’s liaison to our international group. Soád brings over 30 years of experience in engineering, construction, project management, and troubled-project consulting to these roles.

For the last two years, Soád has been working various industry leaders to create partnerships that would jointly pursue integrated design and construction projects. This hybrid IPD/design-build delivery model has adopted work processes and a governance structure that will focus on waste reduction and Lean principles to maximize efficiency for our clients. That means shorter project durations and increased value without additional costs or sacrificing quality.

Before joining Stantec, Soád managed his own professional consulting firm for 10 years. He’s a major international soccer fan following a lot of different leagues, but his number one team is Arsenal. On top of that, he’s also a close observer of politics and a movie buff—particularly those movies with themes of espionage or international intrigue. 

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