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  I am thrilled to unravel the mysteries and learn evermore about this incredible property—energy—that is eternally converted in form but never created or destroyed.

Antonino Lagana


Longueuil, Quebec

Antonino isn’t just passionate about thermodynamics, he’s ablaze about his career in energy services. As a principal who builds energy performance initiatives within various departments of the Canadian government, he’s always on the lookout for new opportunities, providing our team with future strategies tailored to this evolving market.

Making the jump from aeronautical engineering to green buildings engineering in 2003, Antonino has dedicated his career to managing energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting the use of clean, renewable sources of energy. He’s designed all sorts of energy conservation measures such as solar and geothermal systems (that draw heat from the sun and ground) to exploring co-generation (that provides heat and electricity from the work of turbine engines), to wind and marine turbines.

Outside of work, Antonino cherishes time spent with family and friends. He also enjoys learning new languages and adapting to new cultures, using his love of travel and volunteerism to do both. 

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