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  I love finding new ways to build intelligence into an existing transportation system to maximize the capacity and efficiency of a legacy design.

Susan Langdon


Richardson, Texas

Susan has more than two decades of experience helping cities manage their traffic systems and plan for future development. As a traffic engineer, her passion is creating intelligent transportation systems that keep our communities moving forward. She’s designed more than 2,500 traffic signal systems using today’s most advanced timing and communications networks, and she’s also served as a panel expert for developing the Federal Highway Administrations’ (FHWA) Signal Timing Manual, 2nd Edition.

Susan provides traffic engineering and management services for some of the fastest growing regions in Texas. She understands the impact that traffic systems have on a community, and she’s dedicated to advancing the safety and efficiency of transportation design. She calls solving a complex challenge with out-of-the-box solutions her “nerd moment equivalent” to reaching a major mountain summit—and it’s what she strives for every day.

When she’s not in the office, Susan loves cooking fresh meals straight from her husband’s vegetable garden and working on Pinterest-inspired projects around the house. 


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