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  Improving the quality of life – in many cases, saving lives – through my work is an incredible privilege and responsibility.

Brian Larson

Senior Vice President, Geographic Leader, US Northeast & Regional Leader, US Mid Atlantic

Binghamton, New York

Brian is passionate about planning and engineering. Over more than three-decades, his career has encompassed planning, engineering, and managing multi-sector projects across North America. Whether designing or upgrading mission critical environments for public or private clients, Brian’s focus on innovation, energy efficiency, and resiliency contributes to the advances that improve lives. 

Operating in a fast-paced, real-time, accessible, and high-tech environment is Brian’s reality, as is the imperative to design facilities with the critical nature of the work always in mind, assuring that research and manufacture of tomorrow’s innovationsoften lifesavingwill not be lost. Designing energy-saving facilities with appropriate redundancy and back-ups to withstand major utility and infrastructure outages, as well as placing essential equipment out of harm’s way, are among the techniques Brian’s teams use to assure facility resiliency. Keeping critical facilities operational while reducing their energy use benefits us all.  

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