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  Each challenge is unique, so I never try to tackle a problem the same way.

Cliff Lloyd

Vice President, Advanced Technologies

Edmonton, Alberta

Clifford’s Advance Technology team is a lot like engineers on a cruise ship. People know they’re there and that they’re important, but nobody fully understands what it is they do.

As vice president of Advanced Technologies, Cliff helps his team support our Oracle Software, Linux/Unix operating systems, and corporate storage arrays. The Advanced Technologies team performs disaster recovery, backup and restore, installation, patching, updating Oracle, Linux, Unix, and SAN software, performance tuning across the infrastructure platform, and many other tasks. His team is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of all the development and test environments that are used by Oracle Software.

The team’s goal is to provide maximum system availability with no unscheduled outages. Recently, they upgraded the Oracle Storage array to an all flash array, upgrading the storage directors with new equipment. This was done with no system outages, and the new systems have improved performance significantly. Another major project was to update Stantec’s corporate database to accept multiple languages. Now, Stantec has the ability to store data in their database in any language.

Clifford enjoys automating tasks and having them run efficiently. The Advance Technologies focus is now automating the creation of complex test environments with a push of a button. 

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