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  Design is an act of storytelling—a compelling visual narrative will have a surprisingly powerful effect on people.

Alana Lopez

Senior Associate

San Francisco, California

Alana is an award-winning designer with a comprehensive background in architecture, interior design, and branding. Prior to joining Stantec, Alana ran her own company where she quickly mastered the facets of the business world, acting as a one-man army to manage everything from project execution, business development, marketing, and more.

With a focus on workplace, hospitality, and mixed-use projects, Alana’s responsible for helping build our commercial market in San Francisco, California. Her strength lies in her ability to embed each project with a distinct character that’s reflective of the client, context, and lifestyle.

Alana appreciates working in the hospitality sector because each project inspires her to invent a new storyline and experience for the intended user. Case and point? The Gates Hotel in South Beach, Florida, where she helped transform a prototypical 1954 motel into a $100-million modern boutique hotel.

On weekends, Alana like exploring—by foot, bike, or car—the many gems of the Bay Area. Her all-time favorite film is Amélie, a French romantic comedy that she’s shamelessly seen over 10 times. 

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