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  Who hasn’t sat in awe of light reflecting on water or filtering through trees? Light inspires us. It creates life and stimulates the spirit.

Lauren MacLeod

Senior Associate, Lighting Design

Seattle, Washington

Lauren is a professional lighting designer who brings solid technical knowledge and sensitive design technique to architectural and landscape projects. With more than 28 years of lighting design experience on projects that span the globe, she delivers artistic, sustainable lighting solutions to her clients.

Knowing that light can affect well-being (good and bad), she stays abreast of leading scientific research and uses findings to design lighting scenarios that benefit users of spaces in cultural, hospitality, education, healthcare, residential, retail, corporate and exterior landscape environments.

Lauren seeks unique and creative solutions for each project. She knows that communications between designers, owners and end-users is critical to the success of any project. As a designer and expert in the understanding of the properties of light, she strives to ensure that the team--architects, owners, end-users-- gets to experience in reality what they envisioned in the design process. 

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