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  We solve problems. My goal is to manage the high-level moving parts and keep the team focused on our end game—delivering the client a positive outcome.

Nancy Maerz

Senior Associate

Calgary, Alberta

As co-lead for the interior design buildings group in Calgary, Nancy oversees staffing, resourcing, team-building, and culture cultivation. She works as a project lead on complex endeavors like campus-style designs with multiple users and larger-style projects led by the architectural group. Nancy also works on business development and proposals, always improving on our client relationships.

With a focus on commercial office and retail development, Nancy was the premiere pick for overall project lead on our Saks Fifth Avenue work in Calgary. Designers and consultants from Seattle, Boston, Toronto, and Calgary are all collaborating on the first Saks store in Calgary, and Nancy is managing those resources as well as interfacing with the client.

Throughout two decades in the industry, Nancy’s passion for excellence in design and project execution has flourished. She believes in an integrated consultant/client design process inside and out, and she knows that the trust she builds leads to better results. An explorer (of cities, nature, and cooking), Nancy has taken the time to get to know London, Paris, Copenhagen, Toronto, and Vancouver. Next stop? Maybe somewhere in Peru. 

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