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  It’s hard to imagine a civil engineer being able to impact a community more than working on flood protection projects in New Orleans.

Mike McGaugh

Senior Principal, Transportation

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Mike is focused on serving state and federal agencies in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. A special interest in coastal restoration and resources management has made him an expert that agencies like the Louisiana DNR and the US Army Corps of Engineers rely on for projects involving everything from dams and levees to bridges and wetlands. He’s especially excited about the chance to work on the major pump stations that are the last big piece of the flood protection system in New Orleans following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Mike also contributes his expertise to transportation projects, one of which provided his most memorable client feedback to date. After Stantec opened a continuous flow interchange at one of the busiest intersections in Baton Rouge, some people were intimidated by the innovative design. But over time their comfort grew to the point they were calling it “cool.” As Mike said, “How often do we hear that one of our projects is cool? That’s high praise!” 

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