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  Chose your battles carefully. Life is way too short to fight them all.

Willie McNeil

Office Leader, Environmental Scientist

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Having worked in the consulting industry for more than 20 years, and conducted over 200 environmental and geotechnical assessments at sites across Nova Scotia, from local remediation projects to the multi-community Sable Island Pipeline Project, Willie is more than familiar with the communities that exist across our province, none more than Sydney.

In his role as an environmental scientist with our Sydney office, Willie has a wealth of experience conducting environmental site assessments and remediation programs on complex sites. Most notably he served as the project manager for the independent quality assurance consultant (IQAC) for the remediation of the Sydney Tar Ponds project.  Willie reported directly to the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency with respect to the level of quality for all elements of the $400 million multi-year remediation program.  

When Willie isn’t remediating our communities, he can be found around Sydney networking with the large circle of friends he has in the business community or frequenting the restaurant he and his family own in town.

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