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  What you spend years creating, someone could tear down overnight. Design Anyway! - an adaption of Mother Teresa quote.

Jennifer McRoberts


Vancouver, British Columbia

Jennifer brings over nine years of design experience to our team. She values the opportunity to work on a variety of projects—no matter the size or type, Jennifer invites the diversity as well as the challenge. Her primary focus has been to devise and develop sustainable workplace solutions, but she has also cultivated a rich background in corporate furniture specification.

She’s most passionate about the healthcare industry and the ability to help others through the healing process. “Whether I’m designing a workspace for nursing staff or a healing atmosphere for patients, it’s very rewarding when it all comes to fruition.” Jennifer’s creative outlook makes her a welcome component to any project team. She believes in client-focused relationships and hopes to see more gender diversity in the architecture and design industries.

Jennifer spends her spare time on the Stanley Park Seawall and cheering for her home province’s Toronto Blue Jays. She enjoys going for coffee, running, and touring Vancouver’s greatest brunch locales. 

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