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  Transparency and a willingness to form a partnership with the client leads to the best results.

Cory Meckler

Team Lead, Cathodic Protection

Calgary, Alberta

With more than 22 years of experience in cathodic protection, in both field services and team lead/mentor positions, Cory has worked on projects across North America.

As cathodic protection team lead for the integrity group, Cory enjoys the day-to-day challenges his job brings. They’re never the same, and he and his group constantly use their problem solving and adaptive skills to come up with creative solutions for their clients. It’s this flexibility and willingness to accommodate that has created a sustained and successful relationship with a top client: TransCanada Pipelines.

Over the years, Cory has worked with TransCanada on the long-term Keystone XL project. They overcame daily challenges by adapting to changing circumstances and maintaining transparent communication with each other. Finding solutions together with the client has made Keystone XL one of the most rewarding projects in Cory’s career.

Outside of work, Cory likes to challenge himself with curling and cycling.

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