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  My focus is connecting resources from across Stantec to build teams that are able to tackle new, exciting, and challenging biopharmaceutical projects.

Kevin Merrikin


Albany, New York

How do you turn a small-volume, high profit-margin lotion factory into a high-volume, low profit-margin toothpaste factory? A LEED accredited, licensed chemical engineer and project manager, Kevin is instrumental in helping clients determine project feasibility and fulfill business decisions while sticking to tight schedules and budgets. Focused on biopharmaceutical projects, Kevin’s expertise is centered on process-driven projects and translating process requirements into successful, integrated manufacturing facility designs.

In his role as project manager for integrated architectural and engineering teams, Kevin has learned to build open communication between disciplines and to trust the decades of knowledge from his teams. Both necessary to deliver these complex and coordinated project designs.

Kevin brings nearly two decades of experience in buildings engineering. One of his most recently rewarding and challenging projects was a $130M facility for a consumer healthcare manufacturer, transforming a building from the inside out to repurpose it for commercial manufacturing. His budgeting skills and ability to manage a dynamic and changing project scope were essential to the success of this project.


My presentation “Technology challenges in design of a clinical supply OSD facility” at the ISPE 2009 Annual Show gave an in-depth look at the challenges of designing a high-containment OSD facility in an existing space and how 3D design tools can be leveraged to greatly improve customer engagement through new visualization and planning techniques.

At the 2010 Capital District EWeek conference, my presentation “Heat load analysis of jacketed vessels” explored the thermodynamics of jacket heating and cooling and the available calculation tools to right-size heat transfer equipment.

Looking closely at how a chemical engineer’s background can be integrated into architectural and MEP design teams, my presentation “The building code for chemical engineers” showed the 2011 Capital District EWeek conference how to deliver code-compliant facilities that handle hazardous materials.

My presentation “Applications for the Darcy Equation (Darcy-Weisbach)” explored the history behind the development of this famous fluid dynamics equation and how it can be applied to solve modern engineering problems.

Streamlining the design and construction of industrial facilities? Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine recently asked for my insight on modular construction in the biopharma industry.

Serving on the Capital District Engineer’s Week board for about 12 years, I’ve been very involved with supporting STEM programs in my community. This two-day educational event donates proceeds through grants every year—usually about $40,000 annually.

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