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  Driving across a bridge that you have designed is a great feeling, but watching others drive over it is as rewarding as it gets.

Tim Merritt

Senior Associate, Transportation

Scarborough, Maine

Tim has a sincere passion for bridge design that is still evident after more than two decades of planning, designing, and managing roadway structure projects. He takes pride in being a part of some of the most notable roadway and bridge projects in communities throughout Maine where his colleagues, friends, and family live and play. Tim loves the positive feedback he gets from local users of our projects.

He started his career with the Federal Highway Administration which has provided him with a well-rounded background in general transportation and an appreciation for the owner’s perspective.  Tim’s philosophy is that client satisfaction is most important, including the public end users.

When he’s not working, Tim enjoys spending time at his family camp in northern Maine, where he likes to walk in the woods, hunt, fish, play cards, sit in front of a bonfire, read a book, or just take a nap. The camp was built by Tim’s grandfather and has been in his family for three generations.

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