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  Every project is an opportunity to integrate technology, experience, and teamwork to reach innovative and practical solutions.

Janice Mock

GIS Analyst

Tucson, Arizona

Janice loves to learn and find creative solutions to problems. That helps explain why GIS is her second successful career. She started her professional life as a biologist, ultimately working to create a one-of-a-kind facility for the breeding and conservation of endangered waterfowl in Ohio. She spent more than five years on the project—from concept and design through funding, construction, and operation.

Then it was time for new adventure. Janice moved across the country for graduate school, earning a master’s degree in GIS technology. “Becoming a student again later in life, after being an established professional in my ‘first’ career, was humbling,” she says. But that’s Janice, always learning and applying what she’s learned.

With her focus now on using GIS, remote sensing/satellite data, and drone technologies to gather and analyze data, especially related to climate change, Janice can unite her “old” and “new” careers. While Janice is a fan of water sports, she’s learning to love her new surroundings in the desert. She’s also a glassblower and member of the Sonoran Glass School.


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