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  When a client gives us a mandate with significant challenges, barriers to overcome, or firsts to be achieved, it is because he knows that we can bring added value.

René Morissette


Quebec City, Quebec

An electrical engineer by training, René is a project manager and design specialist in telecommunications networks, leading a team dedicated to electricity grids and telecommunications.

René has carried out a series of major innovative projects in fibre optic networks. As a pioneer in this field, he led one of the first large-scale regional deployments in Quebec (450 kilometres on the province’s North Shore). He has also deployed communication and control networks for major electric utilities. He was recently responsible for "fibre to the home" (FTTH) pilot projects.

René’s expertise is diverse and applies to both electro-mechanical aspects (for buildings projects) and structures (overhead and underground systems). He is also trainer and internal auditor in quality and health and safety. Furthermore, he has written various standards and technical guides, cost and feasibility studies, specifications, and technical reports for the completion of numerous types of projects.

Believing that innovation and extra effort come out of teamwork, René maintains that the right questions must always be asked in order to engage all employees and thereby find the best answers.

René works closely with his clients and leads them to push the boundaries and expand their abilities. He continuously improves work approaches within the company so as to deliver projects more efficiently. In addition, he constantly questions the working methods used to improve existing processes, thus enabling the best use of time and costs in carrying out tasks.

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