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  Impacting a person’s experience in healing environments—functionally, emotionally, and ergonomically—is extremely fulfilling.

Jolene Mudri


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Imagine walking into a white, sterile facility where your loved one has just been taken by an ambulance. Enter our interior design team. Now picture bright windows, tasteful artwork, and calming color palettes. The work of an interior designer in any healthcare facility not only sets the tone of the building, but can have a significant effect on people’s lives and well-being.

Jolene has worked on a wide range of design and design/build projects for healthcare facilities of all sizes, including hospitals, laboratories, offices, and educational facilities. With over 13 years of professional experience, she’s proud to tailor her interior design solutions to exceed her clients’ expectations.

Not only does Jolene create during the work day, she also participates in volunteer activities that further challenge her creative side. She recently participated in the #AmICutOut art installation—a top-10 installation in Philadelphia—to raise awareness for homeless youth. An avid reader and artist, Jolene is always looking for new opportunities to learn and expand her talents. 

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