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  The size of our company, the variety of work, and how we approach it has created career development not only for me, but for my entire team.

Guillermo Munoz

Managing Senior Principal, Oil and Gas, Practice and Quality

Calgary, Alberta

What inspires you about your role at Stantec?

I enjoy what I do. I like interacting with people, the variety, the responsibility, and giving 110%. I can tell you that every day is different and I am constantly kept on my toes. I consider myself really motivated. I can honestly say I look forward to coming into work every day. I really enjoy my job, staying busy, and contributing to such a dynamic team.

You are a computer engineer and you are now working in oil and gas engineering. How did that happen?

I came to Canada from Mexico in 2006, and heard that there were opportunities and jobs available in Calgary; it was booming. Even though I didn’t come from the oil and gas industry, I saw the opportunity so I came here, and I’m so glad I did. With support from my superiors who saw potential in me, I became a manager early in my career, and recently got an MBA. I’d say I am half engineer and half manager. I’ve learned it’s not so much about the skills or credentials you have, it’s more about how you can creatively apply them to create opportunities for yourself.

What are your aspirations for the future?

In terms of career development, this is the perfect role to contribute to the growth of oil and gas within the company. Our team is quickly evolving, creating synergies to better serve our clients. This means I look forward to many opportunities to continue to grow. Opportunities I don’t even know exist yet. And that’s exciting.

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