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  The work you enjoy the most is also where you are most likely to succeed.

Tania Noble

Principal, Environmental Services, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Tania knows that the details count. Early in her career, she offered a municipal client a bottle of water during a meeting. After, the client thanked her for the work and then gently reminded her of the effort municipalities go to in order to provide clean drinking water from the tap. Ever since, Tania has used this as a reminder of the importance of getting to know the people you work with and their perspective on more than just the project at hand.

Experienced in the fields of human health risk assessment and water resources, she specializes in the application of Atlantic and Canadian risk assessment methodologies, multi-media fate and transport modeling, and the assessment and management of contaminated sites. Whether it’s an environmental risk assessment or baking a delicious treat, Tania is fully engaged when doing what she enjoys. The tools might vary from hydrogeological software to a prized green-apple coloured KitchenAid© mixer, but her dedication doesn’t.

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