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  I am so happy to do this type of work because it’s inherently good for society–I get to help improve lives and protect the environment.

Oleksandra Onisko

Sustainable Buildings Consultant

Toronto, Ontario

Oleksandra is a sustainable building consultant working with our team in the Toronto office. With a wide range of experience in commercial, healthcare, industrial and residential projects, she works to provide sustainable and energy efficient solutions and coordinate projects seeking LEED certification.

Oleksandra is especially passionate about working in the non-profit sector because of the challenges it brings and because they impact is often the most direct on local communities. She has the unique ability to communicate with everyone, regardless of their professional background, to effectively interpret the needs and outcomes a project might have. Having Oleksandra on our team is especially important as the Toronto Green Standard is coming into effect, and she will supply us with the tools we need to fully embrace the city’s mission for sustainable development.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Oleksandra enjoying the environment she works so hard to protect. She loves exploring the lakeshore and numerous parks around the city, finding some space for quiet in the bustling city.

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