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  Security is like the brakes in your car. It slows you down, but it also makes it possible for you to go a lot faster. -Dr. Gary Hinson

Chris Ouellette

Project Manager, Physical Security

Ottawa, Ontario

The security industry is always evolving, that’s why we as professionals are always learning and pushing ourselves in order to stay ahead. With seven years of experience in the physical security industry, Chris plays an important part within our Physical Security team and Ontario Region.

Chris’ academic background and work experience has provided him with comprehensive knowledge of threat and risk assessments (TRA), audits, concept of operations, business continuity planning (BCP), security system design, corporate security practices, emergency management, and project management.

In multiple projects, locally and nationwide, Chris has completed important roles within the solely dedicated Physical Security team. He’s personally led major and minor projects with government, crown corporation, private sector, and energy clients within the NCR and nationally. 

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