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  Being a part of growth and development is important to me; whether in my community, with my team at work, or with my family and friends.

Jill Peters-Dechman

Senior Environmental Engineer

Ottawa, Ontario

Historical information is a key component of an environmental site assessment. That’s why Jill enjoys working in the city where she grew up. As a senior environmental engineer, she’s managed environmental site assessments and remedial projects at hundreds of sites for federal, municipal, and private clients, many of them to support growth and development within the City of Ottawa.

Jill has conducted Phase I and II environmental site assessments on some of Ottawa’s largest infrastructure and transportation projects including the Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel, Alta Vista Transportation Corridor, Somerset Street and Metcalfe Street Reconstruction, Kanata West Pump Station Expansion, and Orleans Watermain Link.

When she isn’t at the hockey rink or swimming pool supporting her kids, you can find Jill playing Ultimate Frisbee with friends or at her local gym.

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