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  Architecture is the process of understanding and solving problems, and resolving these problems for our clients is my passion.

Andrew Petrosky

Senior Associate

Rochester, New York

Over decades as a building design leader, Andy has become a trusted partner to his clients—working with them to overcome numerous project challenges. Whether servicing civic, institutional, or industrial clients, Andy thrives on taking assignments from start through to dedication day. Andy’s ability to break complicated issues into achievable, affordable, and manageable steps drives his success.

That ability is exemplified in the Cornell Hyperbaric Chamber Laboratory project. As lead architect, Andy is designing a high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) validation lab, bringing his extensive experience to cutting-edge technology. HPP extends the shelf life of delicate food products, like fruits and vegetables, with fewer impacts to taste, texture, and color than traditional heat pasteurization. Andy is successfully meeting the challenge of designing for pathogens testing, sanitation, and process facilitation while accommodating cost, schedule, life safety, and quality. 

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