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  I get to witness the magic of walking amongst what started as a few pencil lines on paper—that’s a feeling very few get to experience.

Rory Picklyk

Vice President

San Francisco, California

With more than 20 years at Stantec, Rory is vice president leading the buildings architectural group in the US West Pacific region. In his role, he enables strategic growth and development of Stantec’s business across the California geography. He keeps his eye on contributing to the development of a truly integrated model of practice globally in the buildings business line.

Rory is an architect who delights in having the privilege to work with talented teams of design professionals, scientists, and engineers—all committed to making the communities they call home the best possible places for their families, their friends, and all that are impacted by their work. 

For Rory, the most exciting project is always the one the team is working on today—it is the latest opportunity to explore new design ideas, solve new problems, bring new solution perspectives, investigate new technologies, and, most importantly, create new relationships with people from different walks of life. 

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