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  In power engineering, there are many possible designs that can meet the same goal. The key is to find the best one for the customer.

Pierre-Luc Pigeon

Engineer, Protection and Control

Montreal, Quebec

o  Pierre-Luc is known for his analytical skills, initiative, and energy. His first projects involved engineering work in the manufacturing sector, and after more than 11 years as an electrical engineer, he now works exclusively on transmission and delivery (T&D) projects for various utilities, engineering substations and designing protection systems. He’s also developed expertise in protection and controls (P&C) systems including the automation of P&C design by implementing E3 series software.

A strong believer in continuous improvement, whether improving technical skills, company processes, or customer relationships, Pierre-Luc is dedicated to making sure that we get the most out of our resources and give the best to our clients.

He considers himself lucky to be working in such a fulfilling and fun job. Around the office you’ll often hear Pierre-Luc telling his colleagues, “I’m paid to play with very expensive Lego bricks.”

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