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  Having clients seek me out to work on new projects with or for them is the strongest endorsement and the best feedback I could receive.

Terri Poussard


Scarborough, Maine

Terri specializes in conceptual engineering, feasibility analyses, plant performance predictions, project development support, and due diligence studies for power generation projects. In this sector, it is essential to be able to supply power at all times, even in periods of high demand or during extreme weather events. Terri has worked on landfill gas to energy projects, been involved in the development and design of several distributed energy and combined heat and power projects, and helped clients expand their assets by performing several technical due diligence studies for both coal fired and combined cycle gas fired plants.

Terri understands that resilient energy supply is necessary for both national security and the environment. Her focus is on the delivery of power in an efficient, distributed, and decentralized manner. Decentralization improves security in power delivery to businesses and residences by providing multiple small sources rather than one large plant. Terri has expertise in designing distributed energy systems, combined heat and power plants, and microgridsall power systems that provide more reliability than large centralized power stations, which require electricity to be transmitted over long distances. By contrast, smaller decentralized plants are located close to the load they serve and typically use or combine many technologies for a more robust system.

Terri brings her expertise in distributed, renewable, efficient power to all her assignments, no matter how diverse. Projects such as a Combined Heat and Power Facility in Brooks, Alberta; the Lepomis and Lancaster Solar Projects; and the Olinda Landfill Gas to Energy Project in Brea, CA, among dozens of others, have all benefitted from her special skills.  

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