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  In the automation disciplines, we make things work safely and reliably for our clients. I love making things work!

Jeremy Randle

Senior Associate

Calgary, Alberta

Process and mechanical engineers design the facilities that move or process oil and gas products, but it’s the automation departments that actually get them functioning—under control, reliably, and safely. Jeremy manages over 40 engineering and technical staff in the automation department of the Calgary Oil & Gas office.

With 13 years of experience on projects ranging in size from $5K to $4B, Jeremy has learned that you need to be tenacious, to never stop trying. “The moment you sit back and wait for someone or something, you’ll fall behind.” Recently, Jeremy and his team worked on the Wolf Lake Slop Oil Centrifuge. By integrating a large centrifuge into the facility, the client could recover more oil from what was previously wasted. This means reduced costs, reduced environmental impact, and more efficiencies for the client.

Jeremy has worked in various roles and capacities within the instrumentation and controls and project management disciplines, but he’s also experienced in electrical, mechanical, and process engineering. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing with his daughters—helping them learn about their world. 

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