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  In my role, I have the opportunity to learn our business needs for today and the future and to help deliver the best HR solutions that can contribute to our success.

Sheila Rider

Vice President, HR Client Services

Toronto, Ontario

Sheila has been told that she’s a natural coach, that she’s a really good listener. These skills come in handy when she’s helping integrate a new acquisition or delivering a new Human Resources (HR) initiative across the company. Her aim is to enable the business through exceptional client service—to keep business success and needs at the forefront.

In acquisitions, Sheila and her team are particularly involved in making sure new team members are brought into our culture and connected with their region. Each company is different, and so every acquisition needs a unique touch, not only immediately, but also over time. A year after integration, Sheila works with the corporate development group to follow up with local leaders and see how people are feeling a year in.

Sheila’s position didn’t exist before she joined Stantec, only a year ago. When she asked why this role might be needed, she was told that “most of the leaders in our company join in acquisitions—they spend a large part of their careers leading small teams.” Now they’re leading big teams, and we need people in HR who understand how to support leaders in a large company.

Before joining Stantec, Sheila led HR at the Hudson’s Bay Company. She’d been through a lot of business and HR transformation, and her expertise helps her work strategically while aligning new initiatives with our business plans.

When she isn’t supporting leaders or driving business results, Sheila likes to take it a bit slower. Outside of work she gets the opportunity to just let the weekends and her free time unfold. She has an 11-year-old daughter who’s into baseball, cartooning, and playing the drums, but when she’s on her own, Sheila happily finds a book to read.

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