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  I strive for excellence in everything I do…after all, if everyone was perfect life would be boring.

Tana Riva

Principal, Environmental Services

Arlington, Texas

Faced with a project challenge, Tana assembles a team with the right combinations of skills to develop successful solutions. Communication is top priority, keeping her and her team responsive to the needs of clients and fostering successful working relationships with other Stantec sectors. With 22 years of experience, Tana is a licensed professional geologist in Arlington.

Tana transitioned into managing projects and client relations after years of environmental consulting performing site assessments, well installations, soil and groundwater sampling/investigations, and remedial system installations. Tana has also managed multiple projects under the Railroad Commission of Texas, various programs of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, multiple projects with Oklahoma and Louisiana regulatory agencies, and been quick on her feet in emergency response situations dealing with various chemicals. 

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