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  I enjoy handing off what I’ve accomplished to the next generation and seeing the excitement that it brings to them.

George Sabol


Phoenix, Arizona

George wanted to grow up to become an astronaut and that dream that set him on the path to become an aerospace engineer, working on Skylab and the Titan Missile program. After four years, however, he made a move to civil engineering. “I wanted to do something I could see,” he says. After more schooling, George emerged with a focus on water, and over the course of his 47-year career, has become a leading designer of dams around the world. Traveling to far off places like Pakistan and Yemen, he has worked on some of the largest dams ever built. And George has worked on dams throughout the U.S., particularly in Arizona, California, and Colorado. His work reliably delivers two vital resources to communities – water and energy.

After nearly five decades of work, George is a Principal in Stantec’s water practice and a leader within the water resources field. He embraces this role and works extensively with younger engineers.  


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