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  I make it a point to listen and understand all the viewpoints at the table before I design.

Justin Saly

Senior Principal, Architecture

Calgary, Alberta

Justin thrives on the complexity of healthcare and postsecondary education sector projects. These projects involve many stakeholders, each with unique concerns and requirements; from client vision to functionality to funding, nothing is black and white. It’s a rewarding challenge to design the best possible solution with so many factors to consider.

Justin’s advice to young architects is to learn as much as possible about the forces that shape architecture: sociology, business, organizational dynamics, history, and so on. Understanding these allows an architect to manage how such forces influence complex projects and how they work together to shape the outcome. Leading by example, Justin has degrees in environmental studies and architecture, as well as an MBA giving him a broad understanding of design influencers. In addition, he is an avid student of history enjoying both historical journalism and historical fiction, which shed light on day-to day realities of people in other times. 

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