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  My goal is risk reduction - fostering resilience before a disaster, minimizing losses when disasters strike, and accelerating recovery.

Robert (Bob) Schreibeis

Senior Principal

Arlington, Virginia

Bob has 36 years of federal, international, and industrial consulting experience, the last 15 of which were in disaster management. He’s a certified emergency manager and has extensive deployment experience in support of FEMA’s infrastructure recovery programs including over four years leading a team of up to 600 scientists, engineers, and architects assigned to Hurricane Katrina recovery operations.

Emergency management is about encouraging risk reduction and fostering resilience before a disaster, responding when disasters strike to minimize loss of life and damage to property and the environment, and accelerating recovery, minimizing its cost, and building back stronger after a disaster. Bob has supported several national governments (including Chile, Colombia, the Philippines, and Poland) in their disaster recovery efforts, and addressed international bodies including the UN Development Program on anti-corruption measures for post-disaster recovery spending.

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